• FAQ Section

    Can I request modifications to an existing house model?

    The Champfleury project has been approved under a P.I.I.A. (Plan d'Implantation et d'Intégration Architecturale) and all our home models have been approved by the Urbanisme department of Ville de Laval. This means only very minor changes can be made to the exterior aspects of our houses. Nevertheless changes can be made on the floor plans under certain conditions, extra cost may apply if so.

    How much time should I expect before taking possession of my new house?

    Construction time for a BA Construction house requires at least four (4) months. You must anticipate a minimal delay of two (2) weeks for your mortgage loan acceptance and approximately six (6) to eight (8) weeks to receive the building permit.

    Accordingly, you should plan your purchase at least six (6) months in advance.

    Choosing between a demonstration home and building my own house: which option suits me best?

    When deciding to build your own house, you will get to make many decisions for different aspects such as the choice of masonry, colours, kitchen and bathroom cabinet modifications, tiles, counters, etc. You can customize many aspects of your home to fit your tastes and desires! In addition, our interior designer is involved and has time reserved to help you start your decisions.

    On the other end, purchasing an already designed demonstration house will save you a lot of time It could also be an interesting alternative if you can't wait the delay BA Construction needs to build your new house.

    Can I afford the purchase of my BA Construction house?

    You are the best person to evaluate your personal finances but the expertise and precious suggestions of our mortgage representatives come very handy when it is time to look closer and inquire for a pre-qualification (with no obligation).