May 2, 2022 

First we want to thank you for being so many to register for an appointment with our sales representative. 

Since the registration period is over, we will perform the draw as scheduled in the coming days. People who got a confirmation of their registration for the draw will receive a email confirming their rank in the list. We will communicate directly with the persons selected in the same order of the draw and in accordance of our schedule of construction. Only a few persons at a time. 

Only the persons chosen by the draw will be contacted. 

Please be patient and your turn will come!

As mentioned, the persons chosen by the draw will have to meet first our mortgage specialists to verify their admissibility to a mortgage without condition. When this is done, you will be able to meet with our sales representative to begin the buying process. 

Our sales office located at 2105 Carrie-Derick street, will open at the end of May, on appointment only. The price of our models will be given by our sales representative. As an indicator, prices will be over $900 000 including GST and QST.

Registration is now over for the draw. If you want to add your name to a recall list, you must send a separate email to “” with the following information: 

  •  - your name (specify if you are single for purchasing) & the name of your spouse
  •  - address
  •  - telephone numbers
  •  - proposed possession date
  •  - attest that you can purchase without conditions


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